Sunday, December 19, 2021

Forum with Australian Sovereign Elders

Denby Sheather interviews five sovereign Loremen as they share their wisdom about the current situation in Australia. The meeting with Uncle Jaggamarra - Walpiri loreman and Ngankari Medicine Man, Uncle Otto Sims - senior Walpiri loreman, Uncle Wadham - senior loreman of the Githabul Ngarbul tribe and his brother, Uncle Mool, and Uncle Koora - Gungaluu loreman, is facilitated by Jupuuruula.

To help people discern the truth, these elders teach the difference between "law" and "lore," and explain how Australia became a corporation. They inform and educate about the keys to reclaiming their sovereignty  and the Law of the Returning Sovereign. 

They discuss their rejection of mandatory injections and the remedy of bush medicine.

Widespread opposition to unauthorised claims by the Original Sovereign Tribal Federation (OSTF) is revealed. OSTF leaders Mark McMurtrie and David Cole are denounced as dangerous frauds who falsely claim to represent all Aboriginal Tribes.


  1. Welcome and how well come it is, to listen and learn through the presence of these men. In these Days and Night's ahead may we Unite in All that keeps us wedd through the Crown of the Living
    thank you.

  2. What a brilliant interview, Denby. Thank all of you for such an incredible overview of ancient tribal practices and lore.


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